Food Tours


  • September 22nd: Taste of the Desert 

  • September 23rd: Pie Eating Competition: A lighthearted and engaging competition will add a fun element to the festival, attracting residents and fostering a sense of community spirit.

  • September 24th - 29th: Themed Events: A diverse range of themed evenings will cater to a variety of culinary interests. 

  • September 24th — "Taco Tuesday" will highlight the diverse taco offerings of local vendors with a taco tour and taco eating competition

  • September 25th — “Of the Oasis” will showcase the innovative plant-based cuisine available in Twentynine Palms. 

  • September 26th — "Thirsty Thursday" will offer a platform for local beverage producers 

  • September 27th — Adobe Mara (Culinary) Arts Walk 

    • Be immersed in both the vibrant food scene and the rich artistic heritage of Twentynine Palms.

  • September 29th — “The Secret Ingredient is Local” 

    • Saturday will begin the weekend of producer and grocer promotion with a morning Farmers’ Market, weekend grocery specials, and a secret ingredient challenge encouraging vendors to create unique dishes using a surprise ingredient. 

September 29th — The festival will conclude with a celebratory food truck festival and barbecue providing a fitting finale to an enriching week of culinary exploration and community engagement.