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Co-Working in the Mojave Desert

Black Cactus offers a co-working space for your business in the Joshua Tree Gateway communities. Cities we serve include Twentynine Palms, Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley and Morongo Valley.

Grow Through Business Services, Technology Solutions and Flexible Shared Office Space, Unleashing Big Dreams and Rugged Innovation Alongside a Vibrant Desert Community

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Co-Working Community

Discover a coworking location in Twentynine Palms that fosters collaboration, provides technology support, and connects you with a thriving community, ensuring your success and growth.

Business Services

Access expert business services in Twentynine Palms, including website development, LinkedIn optimization, and resume review, empowering your growth and helping you stand out in the competitive market.


Leverage cutting-edge technology services in Twentynine Palms for seamless digital operations, advanced cybersecurity, and customized software solutions, empowering your business to thrive in the modern tech-driven landscape.


Collaborate, Create, Succeed Together

Business Services

Empowering Your Business Growth


Unlocking Your Digital Potential


Building Strong Connections Together

Are you a small business or a seasoned company looking for a new brand identity?

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Are you an established brand looking for ongoing creative services?

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