About us

My name is Terence Latimer, and I’m the founder of Black Cactus. Over the past 12 years I’ve:

  • Built 🧱3 companies
  • Launched 🚀a couple of cool digital products
  • Helped 🤝 Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach org’s with their tech 💻

Originally from LA, I went to college in Texas and New York. A huge Lakers fan, I’ve lived in Twentynine Palms the last four years.

On a mission to uncover the planets best tacos 🌮 I’ve enjoyed living here so much so that I’ve decided to put down some roots and serve the community through my passion for business, technology and collaboration. Black Cactus 🌵 is a co-working space and my gift to the desert 🏜️, a thank you for the lessons, community, and opportunity to build a life.

Through this shared workspace and community, my hope is we’ll build deep relationships rooted in shared vision, innovation and economic opportunity. In addition to providing an innovative and relaxing environment for remote, hybrid and traveling workers, I’ll be offering business and technology services designed to help your organization achieve its goals.

You can come to me for things like websites, customer relationship management software, research, or that app you’ve been thinking about finally finishing. I’m looking forward to serving you, and hope you’ll connect with me should you decide to want to build a relationship, have a question, or need my help. Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Terence Latimer, CEO

Founder and chief visionary, Terence is the driving force behind Black Cactus. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the design and development of the space. Terence has a background in software, marketing, and customer experience strategies.

Kenneth Wyrick, CTO

Kenneth loves taking on challenges. He has 20+ years of experience with Open Source Software technology. Kenneth has helped Black Cactus to get where it is today. He is among the best technology minds in California and is noted, worldwide.

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