Adobe Mara Arts Walk

A community focused Arts Walk in Downtown Twentynine Palms, Restoring, representing and repurposing Black Art while celebrating the spirit of Noah Purifoy and the Beauty of the Joshua Tree Gateway Communities

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Cultivating Creative Spaces in Downtown Twentynine Palms: The Adobe Mara Arts Walk Initiative

Black Cactus' desire is to work towards the future of Twentynine Palms, where we believe art meets nature and community. Black Cactus' vision is to integrate an arts walk into the heart of Downtown Twentynine Palms. 

From our base on Adobe, we're focused on working with 100 Desert Artists of Color to craft a unique cultural experience that resonates with the local essence of our region. Our plan is to connect the Joshua Tree Gateway Communities, by way of the Greater Palms Springs Region to the ends of the West Coast. Our oasis, a desert gateway to the Southwest region of the United States.

A Monthly Art Walk

The Last Friday of Every Month

100 Desert Artists of Color

Providing a Platform to Artists of Color

Empowering Local Communities

Supporting Local Creators

Creating Cultural Experiences

Creating a Desert Oasis of Culture

What can the arts do for you?

Regional Innovation

Leader in digital business, we’re helping companies of all sizes to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Creative Cultural Collaboration and Creation

We have collected solid experience in building native and cross-platform mobile applications and websites. Check our portfolio from clients around the world.

Amplifying Desert Artists

Twentynine Palms, California is the home of Joshua Tree National Park headquarters and north entrance.

Developing Regional Platforms

The Monolithic Rocks and Astronomy Attract Creators from All Walks of Life

Fostering Local Commerce

Artists, Businesses, and Creators Come here for the Open Space and Wide Skies

Launching Legendary Careers

Desert Artists including Noah Purifoy have considered the Joshua Tree Gateway Communities home.

Noah Purifoy Desert Art Museum Inspiring Generations of Desert Artists

Noah Purifoy and the Watts Riots Teaches Generations of Local and Regional Artists About Restoration, Revitalization and Preservation

Our office in Dhaka

Noah Purifoy, Ben Caldwell, Bernard Hoyes and Betye Saar

Join us on a monthly journey where art and community pulse in unison. Inspired by the legendary collaborations between Ben Caldwell, Kaos Networks and the Leimert Park Art Walk, Black Cactus Co-Working and friends is pioneering the Adobe Mara Arts Walk Initiative. 

More than an art walk, our efforts is a movement amplifying the transformative work of Noah Purifoy and sowing seeds for a blossoming community in the High Desert Regions included in Morongo Basin and the Joshua Tree Gateway Communities. 

Together, we're redefining desert spaces from Twentynine Palms to Wonder Valley, and beyond. Your presence isn't just welcomed—it's instrumental.

  1. The Vision of Personalized Arts District: Explore how our plan for an arts walk contributes to the broader arts district, fostering a space for creativity and innovation.
  2. Adobe and Mara – Symbolism in Nature: Understand the significance of local flora, fauna, and weather patterns in shaping our shared identity, inspired by the Joshua Tree National Park and the rich histories of the indigenous communities.
  3. Artistic Inspiration and Impact: Discover how the arts inspire innovation, support local institutions, and enhance quality of life, drawing inspiration from the regional revitalization efforts in Desert Hot Springs led by Bernard Hoyes.
  4. Noah Purifoy's Legacy: Learn from the artistic journey of Noah Purifoy, and how his work symbolizes the potential for artists to bring transformative changes to regional challenges.
  5. Los Angeles to Mojave – A Creative Corridor: Explore the path from the bustling city to the tranquil desert, where artists find peace, prosperity, and a canvas to express their creativity.

Join us in embracing the arts as a pivotal element of urban development and community enrichment in Twentynine Palms. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to realize this vision.

Discover the Wonders of the Mojave: Virtual and Physical Journeys Awaiting

Embark on a cultural odyssey with our Art Walks, connecting Los Angeles to the Joshua Tree Gateway communities. As the desert sun wanes, the digital realm awakens—live-streamed events bring the Mojave's magic to your doorstep. Imagine exploring the potential of driverless shuttles, participating in local heritage celebrations, and rekindling the spirit of the desert rodeo. Dive into a year of discovery with our thoughtfully curated events and retreats.

Local Desert Arts and Artists

Explore Local Art and Desert Creatives 

Music, Food & Culture

Monthly Local Food, Music and Culture

Community Development

Community Workshops and Growth

A Community Initiative Encouraging Neighborhood Walks, Biking and Public Transportation

We've outlined a potential route of 1.2 miles, which takes about 30-minutes to walk. We're encouraging the community of Twentynine Palms to walk the neighborhood one night per month to get a feel for the art in public places, as well as to learn more about the local businesses, creators, artists, music, and food, which can be found in the local communities.

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Innovate and Inspire: Crafting Tomorrow's Oasis with the Adobe Mara Arts Walk

Your vision can shape the future of desert living. Join Black Cactus in creating the Adobe Mara Arts Walk—a laboratory for sustainable and innovative community concepts. From developing a community phone booth to strategizing grants fostering artistic exchange, your creativity is the catalyst for change. Be part of a collaborative force driving technology, art, and culture in the heart of the Mojave.

The Desert's Rhythm: Music, Conservation, and Cuisine in the Joshua Tree Gateway Communities

Our long term goal for the Adobe Mara Arts Walk is to encourage visitation and tourism, beginning in Downtown Twentynine Palms, included in the area defined by the 58 square-mile boundary of the incorporated City of Twentynine Palms. Opportunities to feel the desert's rhythm at music festivals, where beats echo against a backdrop of stars. With your participation, you'll offer a voice for nature with opportunities including AI-driven conservation efforts, all while savoring the tastes and flavors the Mojave. Your passion will help cultivate a vibrant scene and revive traditions in the local community. Let's harmonize the future together. 

Are you a startup or a seasoned company looking for a new brand identity?


Are you an artist looking for ongoing creative support?

More Details

Generate 29 Million Steps in Downtown Twentynine Palms

With our focus in Downtown 29 Palms, the Adobe Mara Art Walk is interested in supporting the 29 Palms' Public Parts Advisory Councils efforts to help create new art, maintain current art, and help to establish art as an impactful piece to local expression, curation, focus and understanding. From our base at Black Cactus Co-Working, the focus continues to be on encouraging locals and residents alike to stop, smell the desert flowers, and appreciate the local natural and manmade created art and murals which make our home and community so beautiful. 

Black Cactus believes in the power of walking, as an imporant opportunity to get healthy and to encourage local travelers and tourists park, stop and explore, versus driving all the way to Joshua Tree National Park, Phoenix or Vegas, without exploring and seeing the beautiful oasis making itself available for everyone to uncover and rediscover. 

From our base in Downtown 29 Palms, Black Cactus is focused on not only helping local artists and curators get their art featured locally and in public spaces, but to also help drive the foot traffic and viewership communicating the artistic and beautiful future 29ers from all representing all shapes and sizes , backgrounds and experiences, as well as religious backgrounds and ability to express in a manner safe for us all.  

Terence Latimer, Owner + Operator

Founder and chief visionary, Terence is the driving force behind Black Cactus. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of creative businesses, marketing, and customer experience strategies.

Kenneth Wyrick, Technology Advisor

Kenneth loves taking on challenges. With his multi-year experience in Technology, Education and Arts Curation, Kenneth has helped Black Cactus to get where it is today. Kenneth is among the best minds.

Kennedy Brown, Program Manager

Kennedy serves as Program Manager. With a focus on User Experience and Experience Design, Kennedy's focus is on ensuring customers, both internal and external, are able to get the answers to their most burning questions.

Angelique, Arts Advisor

As a solo artist, AngéliqueMusic has performed for members of Parliament in London England, The House of Blues, numerous international music events in places like France, Japan, Australia. Her music has been featured in the independent film “Dickie Smalls” AURNs “Smooth Jazz Radio Network”, ''Well-Rounded Radio Pick” along with “Saucy Sisters” cooking show on WLAC Nashville.

Karen Harper, Advisor

Karen, with her sister Carrie's support, helps us easily understand the community and its members through their nonprofit Women of Color Global. Karen is determined to drive success and delivers her professional acumen to bring the Adobe Mara Arts Walk to the next level.

Carrie Williams, Advisor

Carrie is one of the iconic people in life who can say they love what they do. In her role as local business owner and community member, she's mentored 100+ in the community and serves 20 Palms through her nonprofit Women of Color Global.

Ben Caldwell, Advisor

A native of New Mexico, Ben Caldwell was first introduced to the visual arts at an early age. As a youth, Caldwell would help his grandfather project movies at a small theater in New Mexico. Working with his grandfather allowed Caldwell to develop an affinity for filmmaking. His early exposure to film inspired him to pursue an education and a career in filmmaking.

Bernard Hoyes, Advisor

Bernard began operations in 1978, as Caribbean Arts to publish and distribute Caribbean Fine Art of Bernard Stanley Hoyes. Since then the enterprise has developed into a leading for profit visual arts publisher serving the community of Los Angeles, National and Internationally.

Launching During Black History Month

Black Cactus Co-Working is a Black-Owned Co-Working space and shared office based in Downtown 29 Palms, California. Our team has a deep connection to the Mojave Desert, whose family contributed to Twentynine Palms and the High Desert history for over 50 years.


100 Desert Artists of Color

Black Cactus is excited to announce the 100 Desert Artists of Color Initiative. We're passionate about more than just providing a dynamic coworking space in the heart of the Mojave Desert. We're committed to fostering a vibrant community of creators and artists, especially those of color who contribute to the rich tapestry of desert culture.

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Our Vision for the Future: The Adobe Mara Arts District

As part of the state’s pioneering Cultural Districts, we are dedicated to celebrating the unique cultural heritage and creative spirit of our community.  Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant arts district that embraces the diverse cultural identity of San Bernardino, fosters artistic innovation, and stimulates economic growth through the power of creative expression. 

By doing so, we envision transforming San Bernardino into a hub of cultural and artistic excellence, where local artists thrive, and the community unites in celebration of its rich cultural diversity.

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Our Goals

  • Promote Local Artists: Elevate the visibility and work of local artists, creating platforms for exposure and engagement.

  • Foster Community Engagement: Encourage active participation from the community through workshops, exhibitions, and cultural events.

  • Stimulate Economic Growth: Leverage arts and culture as a catalyst for economic development, attracting visitors, and encouraging investment.

  • Celebrate Diversity: Highlight the socio-economic and ethnic diversity of San Bernardino through culture and creative expression.

Discover a world of creativity with our curated events and programs designed to inspire, educate, and connect. From art exhibitions and performances to creative workshops and community festivals, there’s always something happening during the Adobe Mara Arts Walk.

Join us in making the Adobe Mara Arts District a reality
Whether you’re an artist, a community member, or a business, there are numerous ways to get involved and support our vision. Learn more about how you can contribute to shaping the cultural future of Twentynine Palms. 

Make a Donation

Small or large, your contribution helps develop the arts in Downtown 29 Palms.

$10 Donation

$25 Donation

$50 Donation

$100 Donation

Donate Now

Have questions or ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about the Adobe Mara Arts District and how you can be a part of this exciting journey. 

This initiative aims to create a vibrant platform for artists of color, offering them unprecedented exposure and opportunities to showcase their work, engage in meaningful collaborations, and participate in workshops led by esteemed figures in the art world. Through this initiative, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates the unique perspectives and talents of each artist. Join us in this exciting journey as we explore the beauty and depth of diversity in art.

Desert Artists of Color
Art Walks
Businesses Launched
Year to Get It Done
Black Cactus Launches in Downtown 29 Palms

When Black Cactus Co-Working launched in 2023, the goal was to develop a shared space and office for small business owners in the Morongo Basin who required the resources, and community, to grow and scale their busineses.


In 2023, after about 2 months in business, we, like many other San Bernardino County and Inland Empire based creatives, discovered we weren't on the receiving end of one of the grants designed to encourage the arts.

...we didn't let that brief hiccup interrupt our flow, and in 2024, the goal became to encourage other creatives of color to withstand adversity with the announcement of our 100 Creatives of Color Initiative. 


Our goal, should this initiative and series of Art Walks be successful, is to encourage the growth and development of the cultural identity of Twentynine Palms, and by extension the Morongo Basin and Joshua Tree Gateway communities, encouraging local tourism and the growth of creative centers. 

Join the Adobe Mara Arts Walk Movement: Volunteer and Lead with Us

We're calling on trailblazers to guide our Adobe Mara Arts Walk. Whether you're a technophile, conservationist, gastronome, or culture creator, there's a space for you to lead. Help us build out the future—from solar fields to husbandry programs, from drone-assisted conservation to metaverse integrations. Your expertise can contribute to a legacy in the making.

Every step we take is a step toward a future where technology, tradition, and community thrive together in the desert. If you're eager to contribute, see a gap we could fill, or wish to volunteer, reach out and join the Black Cactus family. Let's make history together, under the vast canvas of the Mojave sky.

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