Twentynine Palms Black History Month Celebration

Join Black Cactus and friends as we honor Black history, culture, and achievements through educational and entertaining events. From music performances to panel discussions, there's something for everyone. Save the date and come celebrate with us!

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Showcasing Artistic Excellence

Highlighting African American artistry in the desert

Literary Legacy and Discussion

Focusing on the works of artists including Noah Purifoy, Octavia Butler and others, celebrating their contribution to the arts.

Cultural and Community Engagement

Events including a 29 Palms Rotary Club presentation and a Mojave Artists of Color Collective meeting.

Interactive and Inclusive Activities

A scavenger hunt and Adobe Mara Arts Walk offer immersive experiences in Black history and arts.

Black Cactus Co-Working is a Black-Owned Co-Working space and shared office based in Downtown 29 Palms, California. Our team has a deep connection to the Mojave Desert, whose family contributed to Twentynine Palms and the High Desert history for over 50 years. 

Their story, similar to the many experiences of Black Americans who’ve settled in the communities immediately surrounding the Joshua Tree National Park, offers an opportunity to understand their unique contribution through a local, desert lens. Sharing a rich history with the spirit of the Southwest, The Greater Palms Springs Areas include a rich history impacted by shared identities and cultures impacted by local weather patterns, geography, and the daily challenges and opportunities associated with desert life. 

In addition to contributing to local economies associated with the region's military community, agriculture fields, transportation systems, healthcare network, and historical tourism industry, the Black Americans living in Twentynine Palms, and neighboring communities including Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, and Morongo Valley, offer an opportunity to get a glimpse into historical and present examples of Black Americans living, creating, gathering and celebrating, through the lens of the arts.

Black Cactus is proud to work with local partners in the High Desert region of Southern California to produce month-long programming designed to celebrate Black Art.

Guided by the theme established by the ASALH, we’re proud to offer online and offline programming as part of our Twentynine Palms Black History Month Celebration

2024 Theme: African Americans and the Arts

Celebrating the Art and Artistry of African Americans

A Rich Tapestry of African American Influences

African American art is a vibrant blend of African, Caribbean, and Black American experiences. It encompasses various art forms, from visual arts to music and literature. Throughout history, Black artists have used their talents to preserve their heritage, empower communities, and set cultural trends. Movements like the New Negro and hip-hop exemplify this artistic power.

From Spirituals to Hip-Hop: A Chronological Journey

Black artistic expression has a long and continuous history. From the spirituals born from slavery to the innovative sounds of hip-hop, Black artists have left their mark on various genres. Literary giants like Phillis Wheatley and musical legends like Robert Johnson stand as testaments to this enduring creativity. The 20th century saw movements like the Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts Movement further elevate Black art on the global stage.

Afrofuturism and Beyond: Looking Towards the Future

Today, Black artists continue to push boundaries and envision new possibilities. Afrofuturism, a movement that blends Black history and technology, is one example. The Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) celebrates this rich legacy and looks forward to the future of Black art in the 21st century.

The Origins of Black History Month

Learn How and Why Americans Celebrate Black History Each February 

Credit: Association for the Study of African American Life and History

From Negro History Week to Black History Month

The 1960s had a dramatic effect on the study and celebration of black history. Before the decade was over, Negro History Week would be well on its way to becoming Black History Month. 
The shift to a month-long celebration began even before Dr. Woodson death. As early as 1940s, blacks in West Virginia, a state where Woodson often spoke, began to celebrate February as Negro History Month. 
In Chicago, a now forgotten cultural activist, Fredrick H. Hammaurabi, started celebrating Negro History Month in the mid-1960s. Having taken an African name in the 1930s, Hammaurabi used his cultural center, the House of Knowledge, to fuse African consciousness with the study of the black past. 
By the late 1960s, as young blacks on college campuses became increasingly conscious of links with Africa, Black History Month replaced Negro History Week at a quickening pace. 
Within the Association, younger intellectuals, part of the awakening, prodded Woodson’s organization to change with the times. They succeeded. In 1976, fifty years after the first celebration, the Association used its influence to institutionalize the shifts from a week to a month and from Negro history to black history. 
Since the mid-1970s, every American president, Democrat and Republican, has issued proclamations endorsing the Association’s annual theme.
2022 Black History Theme: Black Health and Wellness

The theme for 2022 focused on the importance of Black Health and Wellness. The 2022 theme considers activities, rituals and initiatives that Black communities have done to be well.

2023 Black History Theme: Black Resistance

Black people have sought ways to nurture and protect Black lives, and for autonomy of their physical and intellectual bodies through armed resistance, voluntary emigration, nonviolence, education, literature, sports, media,

and legislation/politics. Black led institutions and affiliations have lobbied, litigated, legislated, protested, and achieved success.

2024 Black History Theme: African Americans and the Arts

From spirituals to hip-hop, African American art blends African, Caribbean, and Black experiences across music, literature, fashion, and more. 

Black artists have used art for empowerment, preserving history, and shaping global trends through movements like the Harlem Renaissance and Afrofuturism. This year, we celebrate their rich legacy and vibrant future.


2025 Black History Theme: African Americans and Labor

The 2025 Black History Month theme shines a light on "African Americans and Labor." From enslaved ancestors to modern entrepreneurs, this theme explores how work, in all its forms, has shaped Black experiences and communities, highlighting their transformative impact across the US, Africa, and the Diaspora.

With a focus on initiating a community Arts Walk, Black Cactus Co-Working is proud to facilitate month-long programming in collaboration with a variety of local and regional partners interested in supporting community development initiatives in the High Desert region.

Each week, participants can expect a weekly format, which coincides with our 2024 efforts to empower 100 Desert Artists of Color to "Get to Work." 

Twentynine Palms Black History Month Celebration Features Black Art and Artists All Month Long

Our Black History Month Celebration is Focused on Bridging the Art of Regional and Local Art with a focus on Diverse African American Artists

Celebrating Black History in the Joshua Tree Gateway Communities All Month Long

Online Events and Discussions

With a focus on accessibility and inclusivity, Black Cactus' Black History Month Celebration includes opportunities to discover  Black Art online.

Offline Celebrations and Networking

We have several offline opportunities to connect and engage. If you're interested in celebrating Black History Month in the Joshua Tree Gateway communities this year, you've come to the right place. 

Thank You to Our Supporters

Steps to Celebrate Black History Month with Black Cactus Co-Working

Visual & Performing Arts

Vibrant canvases tell stories, soulful dancers move to the beat, words come alive. Immerse yourself in artistic expressions of the Black experience.

Music & Film

From rousing rhythms to moving pictures, celebrate the soundtrack of Black lives. Witness cinematic journeys and stories told through song, dance, and powerful performances.

Literature & Language

Dive into powerful narratives, hear poets paint pictures with words, explore the roots of Black language. Discover the stories and voices that shaped a culture.

Fashion, Folklore, Culinary Arts and STEM 

Admire the evolution of style, witness timeless traditions brought to life. Experience the beauty and cultural significance of dress, stories, and customs passed down through generations. Savor the flavors of global Black cuisines, explore innovations that changed the world. Taste the rich heritage on your plate and discover the minds behind groundbreaking advancements.

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The 100 Desert Artists of Color Initiative is an objective of Black Cactus Co-Working to help support and amplify 100 artists of color in the desert communities included in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

By offering our Information, Communication, and Technologies, Black Cactus Co-Working plans to give away 100 Virtual Memberships over the course of 2024 to help support artists in rural communities.

We anticipate that as a result of achieving this objective we will:
  • Launch at least 25 First Time Businesses
  • Help 10 First-Time Business Owners Achieve their First $10,000 in Revenue
  • Amplify the Art of Local Artists by Connecting them To Museums, Points of Interest and Local Businesses
  • Translate Art skills for digital and business purposes
  • Help Launch first Products and Services to help establish Product Market Fit and Go-To-Market Strategies
  • Leverage 9 total Art Walks Over the Course of 2024 Through the Adobe Mara Arts Walk Initiative
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Celebrating the Black Arts All Month Long

In honor of the national Theme of "Celebrating the Black Arts," as set by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Black Cactus Co-Working is proud to announce monthlong programming designed to encourage the celebration of Black Arts and Artists in the Desert. 
With our 100 Desert Artists of Color Initiative, we'll be giving away 100 Virtual Memberships. In addition, we're using the first of the Adobe Mara Arts Walks, to give a platform ot local creators of color based in the high desert. 

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Opportunities to Learn
Artists of Color
Month to Celebrate
Outstanding Partners

Yvonne Buchanan Solo Exhibit @ College of the Desert

Paraphrase is an installation that examines the dynamics of gender, identity & race. Buchanan was born in Manhattan, NY. She holds an MFA from the Milton Avery Graduate School at Bard College and a BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design. Buchanan uses video, animation, photographs, illustrations, and drawings to create narratives of survival strategies.


Online Discussion: Octavia Butler in the Morongo Basin

Learn more about Science Fiction author and writer Octavia Butler, who used the natural beauty and aesthetic of the Joshua Tree Gateway communities as part of her writers journey. Learn more about her visit to the Joshua Tree National Park as part of her feature on the cover of BookForum Magazine.

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29 Palms Rotary Club Presentation

Rotary 29 supports local charities and organizes action in our community. Each week they eat lunch together, connect and support one another. On February 14th, the Rotary Club will hear from Black Cactus Co-Working Owner + Operator, Terence Latimer. You are invited to join! The Rotary are friendly, and are open to new members from all sectors of the community and beyond, including young people and students.

Join Black Cactus at the 29 Palms Rotary Club 

Copper Mountain College Meet And Greet

Join Black Cactus Co-Working and Copper Mountain College for a Black History Month Black Business Spotlight. We'll be discussing what it takes to launch a business while discussing opportunities to engage with the Black Cactus Co-Working community as part of students professional development.


Mojave Artists of Color Collective

The Mojave Artists of Color Collective is a self-governing group of BIPOC artists and creatives living and working in the Morongo Basin area. They provide peer-to-peer support, networking opportunities, studio visits, critique circles, collaboration, and collective exhibitions and events. On February 18th, Black Cactus Co-Working plans on attending their Art Share and Potluck Event. 

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Adobe Mara Scavenger Hunt

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Online Discussion: African Americans & the Arts

Join us as we honor Black history, culture, and achievements through educational and entertaining events. This online panel and discussion features the works of artists living and legends including: Bernard Hoyes, Ben Caldwell, Betye Saar and Noah Purifoy.


Adobe Mara Arts Walk

Speakers from all over the world will join our experts to give inspiring talks on various topics. Stay on top of the latest business management trends & technologies

Adobe Mara Bazaar and Exchange

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