Welcoming Flexible Co-Working to the High Desert

Learn More About The First Shared Office Space in the Joshua Tree Gateway Communities

Looking for a Quiet Place to Get Work Done, Distraction Free?

Black Cactus Offers Flexible Office Space in a Serene, Desert Community

Two distinct desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, come together in Joshua Tree National Park

About 2.8 million visitors come to the park each year to enjoy activities such as hiking, camping, photography, rock climbing, and enjoying the desert scenery.

Keep reading to learn more about Black Cactus Co-Working's mission to bring a shared and collaborative space for professionals, organizations and business travelers visiting the Joshua Tree Gateway communities. 

Top-notch Amenities for Maximum Work Efficiency

An Adobe Style Professional Office Space Embodying a Rich Desert History

Black Cactus Co-Working offers a serene environment conducive to productivity, situated a stone's throw from vibrant community amenities including restaurants, shops, and retail locations representing the diverse culture of the High Desert.

Black Cactus' amenities includes high-speed internet, ergonomic furniture, a private meeting room, and a kitchenette for a seamless work experience.

Our Adobe style building has a rich history: 

For 14-years, Williams Insurance a family owned, Inszone franchise, offered Twentynine Palms residents with insurance products, using the space found at 6259 Adobe Road.  

They didn't go far they, and can be found locally in nearby Yucca Valley. 

Having recently opened with a City sponsored, Grand Opening + Ribbon-Cutting ceremony, the Black Cactus office is proud to remain neighbors with local institutions providing services for our workers and members, including Arteaga's Mexican Food, Alamo Laundry, Copy Center Plus, Jeanine's Beauty Supply, Ground System Customs, Silver Hanger Cleaners, and so many more.  

Why Choose Black Cactus Co-Working? 

Prime Location in the  Joshua Tree Gateway Communities​

Black Cactus and its founding team are excited to usher in a new era of collaborative workspaces

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Joshua Tree Gateway communities, Black Cactus Co-Working brings an innovative, 1000 square foot shared workspace designed to cater to the needs of modern professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs based or visiting the High Desert

The Black Cactus team chose the High Desert region, and our Adobe style office space located in sunny + historic Downtown Twentynine Palms, based on the affordability, regional beauty, and a community with a rich history and bright future.

Black Cactus Co-Working is the first co-working space and shared office in the Mojave Desert communities.

Immediately north of Joshua Tree National Park, our service areas and facilities are perfect for professional remote, hybrid and traveling professionals traveling historic highways including Highway 62, Interstates 10 and 15, and of course, world famous Route 66 as they travel and explore the high desert regions including Pioneertown, Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley, Landers, Twentynine Palms, and Wonder Valley

Located on Adobe Road in historic Downtown 29 Palms, Black Cactus' facilities are an 8-minute walk away from the Joshua Tree National Park Center, located at  6533 Freedom Way. 

Famous for being one of two official entrances to the Joshua Tree National Park, visitors can expect to find residents and community members participating in local community events, farmers markets, and events centered around desert themes. 

Membership Plans Designed for Your Flexibility Needs

Co-Working Options for Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, and Hybrid Employees Needing a Flexible Option

Embrace the flexibility of membership plans tailored to suit your schedule, from daily drop-ins to monthly memberships, ensuring that your workspace adapts to your needs.

Networking Opportunities

Discover a vibrant community of like-minded professionals, fostering collaboration and networking events that enrich both your professional and personal growth. 

Black Cactus' focus is on providing a professional setting and opportunities to connect with others. 

Our monthly events calendar offers professionals the opportunity to learn and engage with others, including local leaders, government officials, creatives and personalities serving the region.

The value of networking comes in the form of learning who's interested in collaborating on projects and sharing resources related to business development, marketing, sales, tax, legal and more. 

Our community includes professionals and creatives in a variety of industries including hospitality, real estate, technology, and more. 

Events and Workshops 

Stay updated with regular workshops, seminars, and skill-building sessions curated to enhance your expertise and broaden your horizons.

In addition to using Black Cactus to host their corporate events, our community and members have the ability to participate in corporate workshops and trainings at a discounted rate. 

Your opportunity to network, develop deep relationships, and ultimately improve your business by adding value to your customers comes in the form of working with and through local professionals. 

Embracing Joshua Tree's Beauty in a Professional Setting

The Harmony of Work and Nature Leads to Deeper Productivity

Several of Black Cactus' customers include corporate travelers and working professionals

Whether they find themselves in the High Desert full time, part time, or just passing through, most are able to appreciate the beauty of the region and its deep connection to the Joshua Tree National Park.

Black Cactus Co-Working is proud to be a member of the community with such a deep connection to the natural history and geology which makes this region so unique, blending work and natural settings with a diverse community reinforced by local tourism, and The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center

Located adjacent to 29 Palms, the base is the largest United States Marine Corps base, covers a total area of 596,288 acres.

The geologic landscape of Joshua Tree has long fascinated visitors to this desert. The rocks took on such fantastic shapes and were sculpted by natural forces.

Geologists believe the face of our modern landscape was born more than 100 million years ago. Molten liquid, heated by the continuous movement of Earth’s crust, oozed upward and cooled while still below the surface. These plutonic intrusions are a granitic rock called monzogranite.

A Rich Geographic History with Deep Ties to Local Geology 

Referred to locals as "Joshua Tree," or "The Park," The Joshua Tree National Park, spans 794,300 acres in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts of southern California.

Boasting ancient metamorphic rocks dating back 1.4 to 1.7 billion years, the park's history is deeply intertwined with the late 1800s, with the Oasis of Mara serving as a crucial stop for miners traveling to and from nearby gold mines. 

Surprisingly, the park itself held significance for mining, leaving behind over 2,000 abandoned mines and prospects.

This desert landscape is shaped by fascinating phenomena like the rain shadow effect, where towering mountains to the west force air upward, cooling it and limiting its moisture-holding capacity. Despite its arid nature, Joshua Tree National Park harbors oases and springs, a contradiction in a desert setting, often due to the park's fault lines.

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A Diverse Desert Business Community and Desert Oasis in the Gateway to the Southwest

The City of Twentynine Palms' mission is to attract and retain profitable employers and facilitate a wide variety of services for its citizens and visitors. 

The City implements economic development activities that protect, improve, and diversify the City's economy, and the City's goal is further diversification of its economic base. The City is pro-business, pro-jobs, pro-local economy, and dedicated to developing a prosperous community.

The communities surrounding the Joshua Tree National Park offer unique interpretations of southwestern culture. 

The Greater Palms Springs area is heavily influenced by the legacy of Gene Autry, highlighting his representation of the cowboy persona and its influence across local businesses. 

Autry's impact resonates through landmarks and events including hotels, a baseball stadium, and local street names.

Twentynine Palms depicts the vibrant history of the area and showcases the diverse flora and fauna of the Mojave Desert and Joshua Tree National Park. 

Each community emphasizes southwestern culture, celebrating community-wide expressions of heritage, nature, and history through artistic representations in public spaces.

Networking and Collaborative Events: Engaging with the Community

Doing Business in the Shadows of Joshua Tree National Park

Local Economics Through The Lens of the High Desert

Within 29 Palms' local economy, the labor force engagement stands at a moderate level, with approximately 37.4% of individuals aged 16 years and above actively participating in civilian employment. 

Women constitute a significant portion, comprising 47.0% of the employed segment, reflecting a substantial female presence in the workforce. 

Key economic sectors shaping Twentynine Palms includes segments such as:

  • Accommodation and food services, 
  • Healthcare
  • Social Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing 
  • Robust Retail Sales

In 2017, the area witnessed a substantial $85,616 in total retail sales, with a per capita retail sales value of $3,193, indicating a fairly active consumer market.

Workers in Twentynine Palms, on average, experience a relatively short commute, with a mean travel time to work standing at a swift 14.8 minutes. 

Twentynine Palms workplace locations are convenient for its workforce, fostering a convenient work-life balance within the community.

However, despite these economic strengths, income figures paint a more nuanced picture. 

The median household income registers at $46,887 (in 2021 dollars), while the per capita income rests at $23,325. 

These figures imply a moderate income level for the region. Additionally, the poverty rate of 19.9% denotes a significant segment of the population grappling with financial hardships below the poverty line, highlighting the need for more comprehensive economic support and inclusive growth strategies to address income disparities within the community.

Embracing Remote Workers and Digital Nomads to the Area

While the desert offers certain challenges, the fact of the matter is the population is growing.

People are moving to the region bringing their talents, integrating their educational backgrounds, diverse skillsets, and expertise, in the form of services, businesses and human capital, designed to improve local quality of life.

Black Cactus believes this is part of a larger behavioral pattern we've observed, including elements of the The Great Resignation and communities, professionals, and populations move from major metropolitan areas as they seek higher qualities of life and more affordable options for living. 

We're personally excited to see the slow, consistent, and reliable expansion of the Joshua Tree Gateway communities as represented by expats local and abroad.

We've found that our community of professionals attracted to our space are  interested in building a new life here in the desert. 

The magic of this community comes in the form of understanding the different ways the established and new locals are partnering together to pool their resources while shaping a brighter future for the region.

Part of the regions appeal comes in the form of identifying and working with established institutions and leaders capable of collaborating. 

Digital Nomads and Corporate Travelers have identified the Joshua Tree Gateway communities as a premier destination with specific benefits related to professional and personal development.

Working remotely in Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms and the Greater Palms Springs region offers unique benefits the Black Cactus team is interested in highlighting to professionals who require a quiet place to take a meeting, work on a project, or to host an event. 

Our team is focused on providing locals and travelers with the best co-working, business development, and technology services in the region.

We've found that local creators, with diverse skillsets across visual arts, literature, music, and media, need the community, business development support, and community network to expand beyond local, small business and to develop a legacy brand capable of real staying power. 

Your Desert Co-Working Journey Begins Today

Enjoy Seamless Booking and Access

If your'e ready and interested in working with Black Cactus as well as supporting our mission to provide a collaborative workspace to creatives and professionals in the High Desert, be sure to request your FREE day pass. 

In addition to getting on our mailing list, you'll have the unique opportunity to learn more about our community in person. 

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Terence Latimer December 1, 2023
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