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Ultra-Fast High Desert Internet Speeds Up to 1000 Mbps Thanks to Spectrum Business

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Black Cactus Offers High Speed Internet Connection in an Adobe Style, Desert Office

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Meeting the Technology Needs and Requirements for Remote and Hybrid Workers

Reliable Wi-Fi and Co-Working in Downtown Twentynine Palms

The increasing importance of reliable and high-speed internet in coworking spaces becomes more evident as knowledge and information workers locally and across the globe embrace concepts associated with Digital Transformation and knowledge work. 

Technology partners such as Spectrum Business, offer coworking spaces the unique opportunity to enhance technology offerings for coworkers who need the amenities to successfully complete their jobs.

Unmatched High-Speed Internet Access

Wi-Fi and Ethernet Options Offering Impressive Upload and Download Options

When it came time to select our Internet options, Black Cactus spent a period of time testing and reviewing alternatives including T-Mobile for Business.

During our test, we found that the internet speeds available through Spectrum Business (up to 1000 Mbps in Twentynine Palms, CA), offered both cost effective and efficient connectivity solutions, whose benefits we'd be able to pass on to the knowledge workers and digital nomads who count on reliable internet.

Kenneth Wyrick, who serves in the capacity as Black Cactus' Technical lead, ensured our research analyzed important aspects of speed to account for various activities including:

  • Video conferencing 
  • Livestreaming 
  • Gaming

Part of Black Cactus' process includes conducting and tracking monthly Speed Tests. 

Speed Tests, when conducted as part of monthly and quarterly technologies assessments, offer coworkers real-time benefits found in the form of not having to deal with technology customer service and support teams.

Black Cactus handles this on behalf of our members, with a special focus on productivity and ensuring on demand access and security

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Advanced WiFi in a Connected Workspace

Connected Devices and the Internet of Things With Google, Apple and Odoo

Black Cactus office is powered in part to Odoo. Odoo, our Enterprise Resource Planning software of choice, allows for various levels of open source customizations for a connected workspace.

With plans to offer membership benefits including an app + wireless door access, the interconnected nature of Black Cactus' current technology suite offers members the following perks:

  • Spectrum's Advanced WiFi service, including its ability to connect up to 200 devices simultaneously.
  • User-friendly network management and control, empowering a diverse coworking environment.
  • Network protection thanks to Spectrum's Security Shield, ensuring safe internet usage for all members.

Comprehensive Online Security Suite

Protecting Internet + Online Activities for Black Cactus Co-Workers

When it comes to protecting important aspects of the typical co-workers business data, intellectual property, credit card information and usernames and passwords all come into the equation. 

As part of our service, Spectrum offers comprehensive online protection offered through their Security Suite.

  • The coverage extends to up to 25 devices and advanced security features include real-time protection and their AntiBot Scanner.
  • Comprehensive Online Security supports the flexible needs of coworking spaces, digital nomads on the go, and especially for less tech-savvy members.

Spectrum’s Edge in Twentynine Palms, CA

Technology Providers Offering Service in the High Desert

When considering the quality of service Black Cactus Co-Workers can expect, you can be confident we considered the quality of other service providers in the region. 

Focusing on the one-mile radius immediately surrounding our Downtown 29 Palms location, our choices for professional business internet came down to:

  • Spectrum Business
  • T-Mobile Business Internet
  • Frontier

While other providers including ViaSat and HughesNet had options available, the local office and customer support options provided by Spectrum made the decision easy. 

In addition, based on Spectrum's 99% availability in Twentynine Palms, its reliability as a service provider has come in handy recently during period of downtime. 

When compared to local competitors, Black Cactus Co-Working believe Spectrum has the edge in terms of speed, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Better Connectivity Equals More Productive Workers

Access to High Quality Internet Improves Economic Outcomes

Hybrid workers seek the best of in-office and remote work. Black Cactus recognizes that shifting between the office and home can be challenging. We also recognize that hybrid workers value flexibility. 

The benefit of offering Spectrum Business Internet at Black Cactus arrives at reliable technology services allowing hybrid and remote workers the confidence that whether working from home or on the go, your experience won't be disrupted.

The Black Cactus team invites you to experience our shared workspace and the technology amenities we provide, including website development and helping meet your Customer Relationship Management needs. 

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Terence Latimer December 4, 2023
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