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Wondering if Now is the Time to Launch a New Business?

In 2023, entrepreneurship reached new heights with an unprecedented 5.5 million new business applications filed, signaling a new era of innovation and opportunity. Between 2021 and 2023, the surge in entrepreneurial activity eclipsed the combined total of the previous four years, illustrating a dynamic shift in the American business landscape.

At the heart of this entrepreneurial renaissance are diverse founders, with Black, Latino, and women entrepreneurs stepping forward at accelerated rates to shape the future of industries including retail, professional services, and construction.

Welcome to Black Cactus' business plan page, where we lay the foundation for a community designed to support this burgeoning wave of business creators. Here, you'll discover how our coworking space is not just a place to work, but a hub of resources, mentorship, and collaboration tailored to meet the needs of today's diverse and ambitious entrepreneurs. Explore our offerings, and see how we're empowering the next generation of business leaders to turn their visions into reality.

Connect. Collaborate. Grow.

At Black Cactus Co-Working, we believe in creating more than just a space to work. We're building a community where ideas flourish, businesses grow, and success is a collective journey. 

That's why we're excited to offer an exclusive coaching program designed specifically for our members, focusing on personalized strategy development using the Business Model Canvas (BMC).

Through our ethos of Connecting, Collaborating and Growing, if you've landed on this page, you'll learn about the in's and outs of developing a winning business plan and strategy in order to simplify your life and take the pain associated with the costly lessons of growing and scaling your organization. 

Business Planning Process

Navigating the Steps for Effective Business Planning

Start With A Problem

Determine a problem you believe needs to be solved. 


From there, conduct market analysis, and develop relationships with your target audience.

to get an understanding of their objectives, and how your potential solution, can help achieve them.


Develop strategies, allocate resources, and create action plans. Implement your strategy, monitor progress, and adjust accordingly for sustainable growth.

The record-breaking number of new business applications and the growth in entrepreneurship among diverse groups demonstrates a vibrant market and the need for new business growth and innovation

Innovation and Technology Hub: Our coworking space stands at the forefront of fostering technological innovation, drawing inspiration from the impactful SBIR/STTR programs. We've cultivated an environment that not only supports but accelerates the growth of tech-centric ventures. Here, entrepreneurs are connected with critical resources, mentorship, and the community needed to turn groundbreaking ideas into market-ready solutions. Dive into our ecosystem and discover how we champion innovation across all technological frontiers.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: In alignment with the transformative mission of Women’s Business Centers, our space is dedicated to uplifting women in entrepreneurship. We provide a supportive environment rich with resources, networking opportunities, and guidance tailored to the unique challenges and aspirations of women founders. Our commitment extends beyond space, offering programs that empower women to lead, innovate, and succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Championing Equity and Inclusion: At the heart of our Black Cactus Co-Working is a deep-rooted commitment to equity and inclusion, mirroring the objectives set by initiatives aimed at increasing procurement awards to small disadvantaged businesses. We're more than just a workspace; we're a community where diversity is celebrated, and every entrepreneur, regardless of their background, is given the tools and opportunities to thrive. Join us in building a more inclusive future, where every business idea has the room to grow and make an impact.

Small Business Statistics

Insightful Metrics Helping to Understand Small Business Statistics for Informed Decision-Making

New Businesses in 2023
Growth for Women Owned Businesses
To Veteran Owned Businesses
In SBA Capital in 2023

Recommended Resources

Tools, Tips, and Resources for Maximum Productivity

Overcoming Business Challenges

Strategies for Entrepreneurial Confidence and Growth to Get Your Business Want it Wants and Helping the Customers Who Desperately Need Your Services

At Black Cactus, our mission is spearheaded by Owner and Operator Terence Latimer, who passionately cultivates a safe space for the visionaries of our area. Our core belief is that the dread of failure should never stop the beginning of big ideas. In a world where stories of failed ventures may loom large, Black Cactus stands as a beacon of encouragement for you to embark on your journey with confidence.

Including the Three P's of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship in Your Business Plan

Past Experience: Unlock your inherent potential and seize opportunities awaiting your experieince. The journey begins by confronting and demystifying your limiting beliefs. Through an introspective exploration of your imposter syndrome, we pave the way to uncovering your true calling.

Present Presence: Venture into the trophy room of your past achievements, with a keen awareness of where you stand today. This exploration is not just about your accolades but understanding your unique blend of skills, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It's a comprehensive self-assessment designed to spotlight the unique solutions you're equipped to provide—a problem that beckons for your unique touch.

Packaging a Prediction: Crafting your narrative is an art form. By articulating your value proposition, mission, vision, and core values through an origin story and brand guidelines, you create a compelling narrative that lands with your customers. This narrative isn't just a story; it's a declaration of what you stand for, a business that captivates and inspires belief.

As your journey unfolds, we delve into crucial business development areas, such as fine-tuning your sales strategy, establishing an effective organizational structure, and equipping you with the "Tools and Rules" essential for scaling your venture. At Black Cactus, we're not just about fostering growth; we're about breaking new ground, pushing beyond the boundaries of individual capabilities to achieve collective success.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Together we'll work through your business idea.

Not Sure How to Compete?

Access Market Research to Understand Your Customer

Worried About Funding?

Learn about available Capital Resources like the SBA and Grants

Worried About Sustainable Growth?

Long term Coaching and Community Found at Black Cactus

Why Join Our Business Planning Program?

Our program is crafted to support our co-working members at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Here's what makes it unique:

Tailored Coaching Sessions

Benefit from one-on-one sessions with business strategists who are deeply integrated into the start-up and SME ecosystems. They understand the power of community and collaboration in driving success.

Practical Homework Assignments

Dive into the BMC, tailored specifically to your business, fostering clarity and strategic insight right from the comfort of our co-working space.

A Document Defining Your Business's Heart

Together, we'll articulate your mission, vision, and core values, ensuring your business aligns with your personal and professional aspirations.

Bonus Tools for Community Members

Unlock Exclusive Tools with Our Community

Exclusive Resources

Access a curated selection of tools and content designed to elevate your skills, knowledge, and productivity, available only to our community members.

Advanced Insights

Gain early or exclusive access to cutting-edge research, trends, and analytics, empowering you with knowledge to stay ahead.

Personalized Support

Enjoy tailored support services and expert consultations to address your unique challenges, fostering your growth and success within the community.

A Sense of Belonging

Uncover a Space to Belong, Thrive & Connect

Community Connection

Foster deep relationships through shared experiences and mutual support, creating a nurturing environment where every member feels understood and valued.

Inclusive Culture

Embrace diversity in all forms, ensuring every individual's background and perspective is respected, celebrated, and integrated into the community fabric.

Empowerment Opportunities

Provide platforms for members to express themselves, contribute ideas, and take on roles that leverage their strengths, enhancing personal and collective growth.

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