Black Cactus' Corporate Food Services Fights Food Waste and Fuels Coworking Community

Building a Food Community One Corporate Meal at a Time

Did you know that roughly a third of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste? 

This April, Black Cactus Co-Working is not only joining Food Waste Prevention Week April 1st - 7th, but also celebrating Earth Day by taking action and raising awareness about this critical environmental issue. 

Our commitment to a more sustainable food system extends beyond a single week – check out our year-round initiatives to nourish our planet and community.

Food Waste Prevention Week Initiatives

  • Menu Makeover: We're inviting local food creators and innovators to help us develop a sustainable coworking menu and options.  Black Cactus is interested in working with cafe/catering partners to create delicious dishes that utilize often-overlooked ingredients, minimize food scraps, and highlight seasonal produce.
  • Composting Champion: On Earth Day, we'll discuss some ways Black Cactus is working to launch a composting program to turn food waste into valuable soil for future community gardens efforts.
  • Food Donation Drive: All month long we're offering our location as a donation point: if you have any nonperishable food for donation, please feel free to drop them off at Black Cactus to ensure surplus food gets to those in need, reducing landfill waste.
  • Lunch & Learn: At a date to be announced, our lunchtime workshop on will offer tips on reducing food waste at home and work, plus explore ways to shop and cook more sustainably.

Beyond Food Waste Prevention Week: Our Ongoing Food Projects

  • Food Council in Action: As Black Cactus facilitates the development of the Adobe Mara Chamber of Commerce, community members have begun forming a working group focused on local food issues. Tentatively titled the 29 Palms Food Council, be sure to check back often for important updates. 
  • 29 Dines: More info Coming Soon!
  • Black Cactus Grab and Go: Grab and Go breakfast and lunch options coming soon. 

How You Can Get Involved

  • Support Joshua Tree Gateway Food Programs: Choose local food receiving partners, spread the word about our sustainability efforts, and support local, at-risk communities.
  • Be a Waste Warrior: Practice mindful portioning, research composting, and share your own food waste reduction and Earth-friendly cooking tips with our community.
  • Become a Change-Maker: Learn more about our Food Council, volunteer with food donation partners, or support organizations fighting for a more sustainable food system.

Interested in Learning More:

Together, we can create a local food system that's good for people and the planet. Feel free to send a message if you'd like more information on how to participate. 

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Terence Latimer April 2, 2024
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