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At Black Cactus Co-Working, we understand that busy schedules and great ideas need the right nourishment.

That's why we offer a range of convenient, delicious, and sustainable corporate food services that cater to your needs, helping you stay focused and do your best work.

Balancing work and finding nourishing meals can be a major challenge, especially when traveling or collaborating with colleagues. Common corporate eating and dining challenges can include:

  • Limited options in unfamiliar locations, 

  • The logistical hassle of coordinating group orders, and 

  • Lack of healthy or allergy-friendly choices within traditional catering services

These disruptions not only impact productivity but can also dampen team morale and networking opportunities. 

At Black Cactus, we understand these challenges and strive to create a seamless food experience integrated within our coworking environment. 

From individual grab-and-go options to full-service catering for larger events, we offer diverse menus, prioritize dietary inclusivity, and partner with local vendors to support our community. 

We eliminate the food-related stress, so you can focus on connections and getting the work done.

Popup Coworking Cafe Options Coming Soon

Next-Level Coworking Flexibility by Discovering Popup Food Options

Grab & Go

Grab and Go Options coming to our Adobe Road location soon!

Catering Made Easy

Let Black Cactus help cater your next corporate event or retreat

Local Delivery

We work with local restaurants and food vendors to offer you tasty options.

Community Focused

Opportunities to volunteer, sustainable practices and more.

Food Projects We're Collaborating On

Food Waste Prevention Week

We're proud to join Food Waste Prevention Week! This April 1st - 7th, we're teaming up with the community to raise awareness about food waste solutions. Expect special menu options designed to minimize waste, composting initiatives, food donation partnerships, and educational talks on how we can all make a difference.

29 Palms Food Council

The 29 Palms Food Council is an in-development collaborative network dedicated to creating a healthy, equitable, and sustainable food system for our community. We bring together farmers, businesses, nonprofits, and residents to advocate for policies supporting local growers, reducing food waste, and ensuring food access for all. Join us in shaping a food future that nourishes both people and the planet.

Adobe Mara Arts Walk

The last Friday of each month, Black Cactus Co-working presents the Adobe Mara Arts Walk. If you're interested in signing up as a food vendor, please fill out this form

Food Tribe x Los Angeles Eater

Learn more about the Food Tribe, the technology platform founded by Black Cactus Co-Working Owner + Operator Terence Latimer.


Twentynine Palms Residents Step Up to Feed the Unsheltered

If you live in California, chances are you’ve encountered the state’s unhoused population. Our state has 12% of the country’s population and 28% of its unhoused, with 10,000 added to that number between 2022 and 2023, according to The San Francisco Standard. This gives California the dubious distinction of having the largest unhoused population in the country.

Mojave Desert Eaters

Welcome to Mojave Foodies: #DesertCitiesFoodCulture

We share the latest in Desert Cities Food Culture including restaurant deals, news and tasty content designed to keep you coming back. Food Tribe is a foodie technology platform interested in giving back to people and planet.

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