Chat GPT for Nonprofits - Getting Started

Sign up for ChatGPT - Sign up for the FREE ChatGPT for Nonprofits Course - Learn how to use ChatGPT for your nonprofit. In this video we cover how to use ChatGPT to come up with fundraising ideas, creating a fundraiser marketing plan, and generate additional funding ideas. If you want to learn more about ChatGPT be sure to sign up for our ChatGPT for Nonprofits course today. TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Start 00:57 What is ChatGPT 01:30 Sign up for ChatGPT 01:57 How to Use ChatGPT 02:39 Use ChatGPT for Fundraising Ideas 04:30 Creat a Fundraiser Marketing Plan 06:43 Create Guidelines for your Fundraiser 09:09 Ask ChatGPT How to Raise Additional Funds with this Fundraiser 11:26 Free ChatGPT for Nonprofits Course -

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