Creating a Nonprofit Budget: 7 Common Questions | Starting a Nonprofit

Starting a nonprofit and have some questions about your nonprofit budget? Let's tackle 7 questions about nonprofit budgets. #nonprofits #fundraising #startinganonprofit When you're starting or growing a nonprofit, your budget is a roadmap for how you'll fund and spend money to achieve your mission. I hope this helps! FOUNDER TO FULL-TIME: Check out my trainings and blog on starting a nonprofit or social enterprise at // WHAT TO WATCH NEXT Can Nonprofits charge for their services? | Fundraising Strategy Starting a Nonprofit: Your Basic Compliance Checklist! Starting a Nonprofit: How to Create a Budget (For Beginners) // CHAPTERS 00:00 Welcome! 01:17 Recap: What is a budget? 01:52 When should you create your nonprofit budget? 04:27 How much of the budget should be for salaries? 06:09 How much do you include for expenses? 08:58 What percent should be spent on what? 12:32 What category do salaries fall in? 13:30 How big are most nonprofit's budgets? 14:27 What are common budgeting mistakes? // MORE ABOUT ME Hi! I’m Amber, a nonprofit founder, Executive Director, and public speaker on social impact, changemaking, nonprofits, leadership, and more. Join my newsletter to receive updates and resources for changemakers and nonprofit leaders: FOUNDER TO FULL-TIME ACADEMY: Want some training and guidance on starting a nonprofit (and potentially even working for that nonprofit full-time someday?)? Check out my online training courses at my Nonprofit Founder to Full-Time Academy! Want me to come speak at your business, college, school, or event? Check out my site: On Facebook? Talk to me and other change makers about social change, nonprofits, social enterprise, leadership and more in my Facebook group, Change the World or Bust: I'm also on Twitter:

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